We often go traveling to get away so that we can clear our heads to solve the things we are trying to get away from. You spend money that you could have used more wisely to pay off your huge credit card debt that made you want to run away in the first place.
And so we keep on going in circles. 
Circles = Cycles
Whenever our current road seems AWFULLY familiar, remember, you are cycling and this time around you are smarter than the time before.
It doesn’t matter how many times Peter or Denise or the postman takes to learn to stay away from abusive jobs and bosses. You are going to take your own good time to reach enlightenment and heaven won’t rush or even stop you. 
BUT when you are ready to let go of the steering wheel, Heaven will help with GPS coordinates to manoeuvre yourself out of the cycle and onto a brand new adventure. 
This way you get to travel without paying a cent. Heck, life will even sponsor your trip.
Bon Voyage!